Celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon | Lunch & Dinner



Friday, February 9, 2024, was amazing as we all sat around the lunch & dinner table celebrating our Dragons in the community. Everyone brought a special dish to share and told their own story. We are thankful for the wonderful human animals in our community, especially the Dragons, for whom this year is their special year.


The morning session was part of the EAT or be EATEN: HOX Zodiac class sponsored by Fiat Lux and the Rothman Foundation.

Victoria was joined by Maryam who is the lead designer for Hox Zodiac. Siddharth joined us from Seattle and helped introduce our project and celebrations honoring the dragons in our community.

Siddharth joined us from Seattle and Clarissa Ribeiro beaming in from Sao Paolo opened our gathering by sharing the interesting overlap of the Carnaval happening at the same time and offered a desert powerball. She then introduced us to her student in Shanghai – Jack Yang who logged in at 4am to join us! He shared a photo of his family’s dinner feast they cooked together and a video of the Lilac Garden, Sing-Xiang Huayuan, in Shanghai with an amazing bridge that is shaped like a dragon. There he sampled the dust and is planning to put it under the microscope – maybe there is some stardust mixed in! Also from Brazil, Rodolfo Ward joined us and gave us a walkthrough of the market where he bought his ingredients and shared the recipe of the salad he offered to the dragons. We also got a peek at his cyber wolf tattoos in progress. It was wonderful to see director of Laznia Art center Jadwiga Charzynska joining us from Poland! shared with us the stories of the dragon from that perspective.

Right after, we were treated to a Vietnamese round cake offered by Sophia Ly who came in from North CA.

 Students in the class shared – Isabela Vega (Horse), a physiological science and Spanish major, shared a story about her sapphire necklace that is related to the dragon and offered Sweetheart Popcorn to the dragons. Ryan, a computational biology major, talked about long noodles representing long life that he usually would eat at home but being at school, Panda Express was the best he could do. Alex, pre med major is a rooster and he offered chicken which is “kind of offensive” since he is offering himself 🙂 Sama, a molecular biology major  from Mumbia India is a sheep, who shared a story about the cloning of sheep through stem cells, linking to the genetically engineered dragons. 

Maryam closed the day with her story about dragons in Persian paintings. They would take on different faces depending on the situation – kings, shahs, prophets, happy faces, angry faces.



In the early evening, we gathered around the table at the Art Sci center to honor the dragons in our community – We had 5 dragons, 3 horses, 1 ox, 1 rabbit, 1 monkey and 2 pigs!

 Center stage were dragons Anuradha Vikram curator of our Getty PST project – Atmosphere of Sound: sonic arts in times of climate disruption & assistant, Gabriel Tolson. Fellow dragons who joined were Hannah Yoo from the Fowler Museum and grad students Rowena and Sagan. Animals who came to honor them were 3 horses – designer and co-host, Maryam Razi, media artist and programmer, Teng Chou (TC) Hayley from Advanced Light Visualization lab, 1 ox – designer Ivy Lovett, 1 tiger – artist David Roy, 1 rabbit — PST artist, Iman Person, 1 monkey – Dr. Aaron Blaisdell, from the behavioral psychology lab and 2 pigs – Stamatis and Victoria Vesna.  We were missing the rat, snake, sheep, rooster and dog.


art-science collaborative mutating genetics, animals and culture.