Celebrating the LUNAR NEW YEAR with artists and scientists born in the Year of the RABBIT/Hare

On the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year, marking the Year of the Rabbit, we gathered virtually to honor this special time. Joined by distinguished scientists and artists born under the sign of the Rabbit, each shared a unique tribute. These expressions of gratitude celebrated rabbits for their roles as research subjects, as sustenance, in mythological tales, and in other significant capacities. It was fascinating to observe the diverse cultural interpretations and reverence for the rabbit.

Featured artists and scientists:  James Gimzewski, Pat Badani, Marta de Menezes, Alison Hiltner, Santiago Torres, and Tatiana Kourochkina.


At this gathering, we also explored a virtual interactive cookbook designed to honor the RABBIT. This digital collection showcased a range of contributions, from delightful recipes and imaginative tales to scientific narratives and beyond.


art-science collaborative mutating genetics, animals and culture.