Victoria Vesna and Maryam Razi showcased the Hox Zodiac project to the audience of the Guest Guest Symposium on February 28th, 2024 at 8 am PST.

Played against all food manners, the three-day program was full of presentations and workshops on the topic of the Anthropocene KitchenLab. Students as well as external guests were invited to participate. Artist Maya Minder organized the guest symposium.


Bruixes_Lab Christina Dezi & Giulia Tomasello

invited artists ITA/ ESP



invited researcher / curator DE


Cocinas Alterinas

Mayar el Bakry & Gabriela Aquije Zegarra

invited artists / researchers / designers PR/CH/EG


Patricia Jäggi Swiss Society of Acoustic Ecology

invited artist / researcher CH


Eduardo Kac

invited artist US


Claudia Lombardi

invited artist CH


Mai Ling Collective Mary Maggic

invited artist AT


Elia Nurvista Bakudapan

invited artist ID


Lei Saito

invited artist FR/JP


Margaux Schwab FOODCULTURE days

invited curator CH


Ewald Trachsel

invited artist / researcher CH


Victoria Vesna UCLA: University of California

invited artist / researcher US

art-science collaborative mutating genetics, animals and culture.