Hosts: Dan Jay & Victoria Vesna | LA



On a beautiful evening of January 21, 2024 in Woodland Hills, a very special Hox gathering unfolded, co-hosted by Dan Jay, a distinguished scientist and Rooster, alongside media artist Victoria Vesna, the Wild Boar. This unforgettable event saw guests around the table contribute a unique edible offering and a personal story. The evening transformed into a memorable Hox night, filled with engaging tales and delightful cuisine. Offerings ranged from a 3D-printed egg holder for the star Rooster, Dan Jay, presented by TC Zhou, to Maryam Razi’s saffron rice, Ivy Lovett’s velvety salad, Walter Gekelman’s fruity dessert, Victoria Vesna’s aromatic bread pudding, beef and ice cream from Anuradha Vikram and family, and grilled vegetables by Gabriel Tolson.

art-science collaborative mutating genetics, animals and culture.