‘Mouth Gastronomy’ at UCLA Fiat Lux: Eat or BE EATEN class | Pedro Reissig


On Friday, January 26, 2024, from 12:00 to 1:30 PM PST, Dr. Pedro Reissig joined as a special guest to deliver a performance and talk on his latest book, ‘Mouth Gastronomy,’ and integrating HOX ZODIAC animals and key ingredients. It was a performative talk where Dr. Reissig introduced the students to the key points of his book “Mouth Gastronomy,” inviting them to participate in a unique tasting session where culture, society, and the climate crisis and its relation to food were also discussed. Students were provided with a set of recipes based on the HOX ZODIAC recommended ingredients to experiment with Dr. Pedro. At the end, students shared their thoughts and insights about this experiment.

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